This site remains open for donations, but here is the epilogue to the episodic journal we somehow managed to post every day during our ride. Read more

Wheel Dipped and Job Done

August 7th, Day 50: At noon today we dipped Genevieve’s front wheel in the Atlantic. Read more

A Buxom Lass Clears Her Throat

August 6th, Day 49: It’s never over until the fat lady sings, but I do believe I heard a buxom lass clearing her throat this afternoon in a preparatory sort of way. Read more

A Small Institutional Paradox

August 5th, Day 48: Although we only have 2 days of riding left, today was the first seriously hilly one for the new boy Owers Read more

The Accessibility Dance with Technology

August 4th, Day 47: We’re counting down the days to the Atlantic... Read more

And Your Name Is...?

August 3rd, Day 46: As we progress east through upstate New York, the terrain is changing quite rapidly in line with our progress into New England Read more

Mechanicals come in 3s

August 2nd, Day 45: We started today on only 3 cylinders due to the front left malfunction as reported in yesterday's post. Read more

Artisanal Allure

August 1st, Day 44: Today’s ride was pleasant and fast...But James is developing a slightly worrying pain in his left thigh. Read more

Niagara to Namibia

July 31st, Day 43: Today on our rest day in Niagara we were particularly pleased to see that the Quality Inn has very much embraced our mission. Read more

Recipe for a Fast Ride

July 30th, Day 42: Take a medium sized stoker... Read more

The Poverty of Language

July 29th, Day 41: Today was a Flatterday Saturday. Read more


July 28th, Day 40: Canada, Oh Canada, Where The Air Is Sweet, The Dogs Don’t Bite and They Actually Maintain The Roads Read more