July 31st, Day 43: Rest Day.

Today on our rest day in Niagara we were particularly pleased to see that the Quality Inn has very much embraced our mission.

Chris points to the hotel meeting room sign reading "Cataract Room"
Serendipitous Homonym

We took the obligatory trip on the Maid of the Mist, and mostly observed the materialistic excesses of Niagara tourism, including casinos, helicopters and enough ice cream to fill several Olympic sized swimming pools.

Chris wears his "Maid of the Mist" poncho and stands in front of the US falls
Chris dons his Maid of the Mist mac with great touristic enthusiasm

Speaking of Olympic swimming pools, here’s today’s trivia fact: The water flowing over the US and Canadian falls at Niagara every day would fill approximately 86,000 Olympic swimming pools. Put another way, if the falls were cascading Guinness not water they would deliver around 1 billion calories per second…. So that’ll be about one reasonably large buffet breakfast every second.  

Chris listens to the crashing of the US falls. There is a rainbow around his head.
Chris listens to the falls cascade, mercifully blocking out the traffic noise.

Coincidentally, while we were viewing the amazing natural phenomenon that is Niagara, I received an email from SEE International, regarding one of the dozen or so surgery expeditions that the funds we are raising have already made possible. The 350 people whose sight has been restored by this one Namibia expedition alone will once again be able to engage with their environment, earn a living and support a family. With your generosity, we have now raised enough money to restore sight to 4349 people. 

Here’s a short thank you clip from Namibia (q.v. Ululation):