Dr. Helena Ndume embraces a patient after the bandages come off - Oshakati, Namibia

100% of any donation you make to this fundraising activity will be passed through to SEE International, minus the actual card processing fees (typically less than 2%). SEE International (Surgical Eye Expeditions) is a highly rated US Not for Profit 501C3 organisation.


SEE will use the funds raised by this ride exclusively for designated surgical clinics in a group of countries with under developed ophthalmic services, including the following projects:






Through these and similar projects, SEE are able to achieve one intervention for each £30/$40 we raise. They are able to do this due to the amazing generosity of the ophthalmic surgeons from around the world who freely donate their own time and cover their own travel/accommodation costs to operate at the clinics organized by SEE.


SEE make efficient use of all funds donated to their organisation, with the overall usage of donations being split:

96% Program Services

2% Fundraising

2% Management & General


Find out more about SEE International here

And for more details on SEE financials, go here