August 7th, Day 50: Manchester, NH to Portsmouth, NH: 62 miles, 1535 ft. ascent

At noon today we dipped Genevieve’s front wheel in the Atlantic. We also ceremonially topped up the Atlantic with a bottle of seawater that the group had carried all the way from the Pacific. We engaged in some emotional mutual congratulations with many of the other riders and I can categorically say this was the first time I have ever hugged a judge.

James and Chris are on a sandy beach standing in shallow water with the sun shining and very big grins.
Chris and James dip Genevieve's front wheel in the Atlantic at Portsmouth, NH

I don’t yet feel ready to reflect on the experiences of the past 7 weeks, but I do want to say a few heartfelt thank yous:

  • To the America By Bicycle staff for shepherding us across this vast continent
  • To Genevieve for being such a trusty and willing mount
  • To James and Alastair for being the most brilliant pilots and gentleman’s gentlemen I could imagine
  • To Shirl, Laura and Deena for their unwavering support
  • To all our co-riders for making the experience such a positive one

And most importantly, thank you to everyone who has donated so generously to the cause, helping us restore sight to 4,412 people and still counting.