July 16th, Day 28: Sioux Falls, SD: Rest Day

On this rest day in Sioux Falls, we announce with a heavy heart the termination of Mr A. Heggie’s appointment as co-author of this compendium of nonsense and bullshit. Unfortunately Mr Heggie’s credibility has become irreparably damaged after he convinced a co-rider at yesterday’s refreshment stop to consume a gherkin liberally smothered in chocolate paste on the grounds this is a British delicacy.

However, the excellent news is that we already have a replacement, also from Edinburgh, so please welcome Mr James Owers.

As well as taking on this vital journalistic role, Mr Owers will also be taking over from the disgraced Heggie as co-rider of Genevieve for the second half of the Transamerica ride.

Despite Mr Heggie’s irresponsible actions bringing British gastronomic taste into disrepute, we would nonetheless like to commend his exemplary performance on Genevieve over the past month. He has been a masterful navigator, tireless worker and almost bottomless pit of questionable badinage and banter, essential to getting through a day in the saddle.

So, goodbye to Alastair, and hello to James. We marked this arrival of fresh horses by dipping the rear wheel for James, and the front wheel for Alastair.

James filling a plate of water representing the Atlantic Ocean
James fills the Atlantic in an unconventional manner (c.f. the Heggie definition of the continental divide)

James, Ali and Chris simulating a double wheel dip in the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean
The ceremonial symbolic double wheel dip: James dips in the Platecific, Alastair in the Flatlantic.