After accidentally dipping all four of our feet in the Pacific while undertaking the obligatory rear wheel dip, Alastair and I distracted ourselves by thinking about what stats we will accumulate before we next get our feet wet in the ocean. I blame this geekiness on Alastair as he has more maths degrees than me, but here’s what we came up with.

  1. Countries Visited: 2
  2. States Crossed: 9
  3. Hours in the saddle: 300
  4. Miles ridden: 3,653
  5. Feet of Ascent: 107,200
  6. Calories burned: 200,000
  7. Pedal rotations: 1.25 million

We contemplated other stats like blisters burst and mils of chamois cream applied but decided that there is indeed a concept of too much information.

Chris and Alastair by the Pacific Ocean