26th June, Day 8: Ontario, OR to Boise, ID: 64 miles, 1650 ft ascent

Crossing the Idaho/Oregon state line and rolling in to Boise should have been easy, compared to our last 3 days of riding. However, we slightly underestimated the energy sapping effect of 39 C degree heat and were dripping with sweat when we made it into town.

Luckily, Boise has no shortage of restaurants for the hungry cyclist, offering a slightly more sophisticated menu than we have found in 7 days of riding across some of the most deserted parts of America - We could tell we had made it back onto the grid by the easy availability of wagyu beef and "super food" salads containing vegetables we couldn't even  identify (in an interesting, good sort of way).

By comparison, our starting point of Ontario, OR, seems to be notable mainly for an overpowering odor of onions in the surrounding rural areas.

It's been a relief to arrive in a modest metropolis for some well deserved rest and recuperation. But just to put that in perspective, Boise is only the 99th largest city in the US, with a population of a mere 216,000.  On the other hand it does account for 26% of the entire population of Idaho, a less populous state than Delaware according to our new friend the ex-governor.

Other highlights of the day included sightings of lamas, bison and a vast view of the snake river valley - onions as far as the eye could see.

A heard of bison near Boise
An artistic photo of Bison courtesy of a fellow rider

Field of onions on the Idaho/Oregon border
Onion blossoms