June 30th, Day 12: Twin Falls, ID to Burley, ID: 39 miles, 1150 ft ascent

In these dangerous Brexit times this wasn’t perhaps the most politically sensitive name to choose for our team in today’s Scavenger Hunt, so we were particularly heartened to see that the residents of Idaho had, nonetheless, very graciously laid on our very own support vehicle.

 Huge truck saying England on the side

The Scavenger Hunt (aka treasure hunt) was organized by America By Bicycle in the vain hope this might distract us from the headwind, the slight, but monotonous uphill gradient and the incessant traffic noise. The latter being due to most of the ride being on the I84 frontage road (a frontage road is typically the road that the adjacent interstate replaced 50 years ago, and often seems to have not been maintained since that particular humiliation).

It seemed very natural for the 5 Brits on the tour to form a team and although it may not be entirely obvious from the photo below our team average age was still over 60 - despite Alastair’s youthful 28! Fortunately none of the clues involved popular culture, post-seventies music or snap-chat memes.

Team GB holding bikes above head