23rd June, Day 5: Prineville, Or to John Day, Or; 115.6 miles, 5,347 ft

I promise not to fill this blog with geeky stats about average speed, max speed, calories burned and so forth, but from now on we will put the date, day number, start and end points plus mileage and feet of ascent right at the top of each post.

Having said that, as today was one of the longest on the ride, and we’re feeling rather pleased with ourselves after arriving 3rd at the destination hotel, here are some numbers:

  • 115.6 miles (which is 4 more than I have ever done before in a single day, but a breeze for Alastair who recently did a 250 mile Audax)
  • Ascent: 5,347 ft, including an initial 30 mile, 2,000 ft climb at a very tandem friendly gradient
  • Net ascent (ascent – descent): 200 ft!
  • Time in the saddle: 7:17
  • Average speed excluding stops: 15.84 mph
  • Elapsed time including stops 8:45 
  • Average speed including stops: 13.21 mph  
  • Liquid consumed: 5 litres each
  • Calories burned: 7,293 each (allegedly, courtesy of Garman)
  • Calories consumed: no idea, but hopefully at least a little less than 7,293

Tomorrow (also a tough ride) we should be back to random but hopefully shorter, snappier and more amusing observations.

Chris and Alastair with friends Bev and Kim at the summit of a hard climb
At the summit of Keyes Creek with new friends, Bev and Kim