22nd June, Day 4: Kah-Nee-Ta, OR to Prineville, OR, 60 miles, 3,300 ft ascent

I recall a journalist friend once bemoaning to me over a beer that her latest submission to her editor had been returned with no annotation other than scrawled at the top ‘Needs to be shorter, snappier and more amusing’. One of the other riders on our tour today reported similar (although I’m sure rather more diplomatic) feedback from his wife to his posts so far.

I am now somewhat paranoid, so I will at least keep this short by pointing to a YouTube video posted yesterday by Dirk Lohry, another rider on the tour:

For the more amusing element check out:

  1. An exchange between Dirk and me around 3:05 which I didn’t realize was being recorded (one of the many occasions where my wife repeats her surprise that I still have all my own front teeth)  
  2. Advice about Brooks saddles from Alastair around 4:50 (on reflection, only amusing to cyclists who love or hate the very traditional leather Brooks saddle)
  3. For a sense of the scenery we went through yesterday, check out more of Dirk’s video, especially the long descent at the end of the day, around 10:30 onwards

And here are a couple of scenic pics from today as well.

 A lush creek in an otherwise arid part of Oregon

Distant mountains over Oregon plains