The ride is rapidly approaching. We depart from Astoria, Oregon on June 18th, beginning with a ritual dip of our rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean. 

If all goes to plan we will arrive in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after crossing 9 states,  on August 7th to complete the complementary ritual of a front wheel dip in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The route between is a little over 3,600 miles, making this an ideal 60x60 effort to mark my 60th birthday earlier this year.

See The Route for more details on our journey, including daily mileages and feet of ascent.

I am incredibly fortunate to have 2 front riders sharing the burden of getting us safely across the continent. Alastair is in charge from Astoria to Sioux Falls, south Dakota, and James takes over from there to Portsmouth. See The Team for short bios of these amazingly generous guys, giving up a month of their lives each to make this happen. On their return home, they will not just be older, but also lighter and probably wiser. Lighter due to burning over 100,000 calories each and wiser enough never to agree to anything after a couple of beers just because it sounds like a fun challenge.