A somewhat confusing post entry for anyone who read yesterday’s post saying that we we're past half way on the funding and not even started on the riding.

We’re sitting in our Portland hotel room waiting for breakfast service to begin, and reflecting on yesterday’s full 24 hours of travelling from Bath to Portland. So, we just idly googled the distance we’d traveled yesterday vs the distance we’ll cycle over the next 50 days vs the flight home from Boston on August 9th.

Image of jolly Chris on luggage cart

Alastair delivering the final piece of baggage to our room

Although yesterday felt never ending it’s a bit weird to think that the 6,350 miles we traveled is an awful lot further than we’ll travel over the next 50 days. And in fact if we take our entire journey home from here via Astoria, 9 states, 2 countries and a transatlantic flight from Boston, that is only a tad more than we managed in 24 hours yesterday.

Roll on rocket powered tandems.