July 3rd, Day 15: Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson, WY: 91 miles, 5,711 ft ascent, Mairs-Heggie point 25.1387

Today was always going to be a tough one. 91 miles with 5,700 ft of climbing, including doing the last 3 miles up the Teton pass to 8,400 ft in our lowest available gear. A great feeling at the top but an extraordinarily hard grind.

 Chris and Al at the top of Teton pass, looking pretty fucked

We had many first today: 

  • Our first flat on the tour (but fortunately Speedy Mike was with us and had it fixed in less than 10 minutes)
  • The first time either of us has cycled more than 1,000 miles in one trip (we are now at 1,075 miles if my mental arithmetic is correct – not particularly likely at this time of the evening after today’s ride and two beers)
  • The first time either of us has done more than 2 weeks on a cycling trip (currently day 15)
  • The first time either of us has cycled above 6,000 ft, 7,000 ft and 8,000 ft – let alone all in one day – sadly with some downhill in between to increase the total climb
  • The first time either of us has been to Wyoming

Chris by the Welcome to Wyoming sign

And just when we thought we were going to cruise the last 15 miles down into Jackson Hole in time to order our new spare back wheel, our front brake pads burnt out on the rather steep and very long descent from the summit. Fortunately we do have spare pads and a great support team so we were back on the road within 45 minutes. But: not quite in time to order the replacement wheel and so that will have to wait until after Independence Day tomorrow. 

Yesterday’s Mairs-Heggie Point post elicited more comments than any of our carefully crafted shorter, snappier and questionably more amusing posts. Not sure what this says about our readership or what it says about our particular brand of humour.

There were already two correct solutions in my inbox by the time I woke up at 4 am this morning. We will publish the winners name and the definition of the MHP tomorrow.