picture of Alastair Heggie

Alastair will be piloting the first half of the tour over the Rockies from Astoria to Sioux Falls.

Alastair inherited a love of cycling from his father (whether he liked it or not). When he was 14 he went on a tour with his family from Gloucestershire to North Wales. Not put off by this experience, Alastair has since toured thought the UK, but this will be his first ride outside this island. On another trip through the mountains of Wales Alastair developed a healthy respect for oncoming vehicles on narrow roads after a fall from his bike. For this reason he is looking forward to the wide roads of America.

Alastair is currently meandering his way through a PhD in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to cycling, he is an occasional fell runner, rock climber and sailor. Alastair is a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.