June 27: Day 9: rest day

On our first rest day we are writing this blog outside Bar Gernika in the Basque region of Boise. Temperature in the dappled shade is idyllic and the Maid In The Shade IPA is a rather tasty adult beverage (the American term I am henceforth adopting to describe what we might more prosaically call beer).

If you’re ever here check out the hot lamb grinder (a fly-over fusion sandwich, not a dating site for Welsh farmers).

We’ve just started a page for photos of our co-riders – more will be added as we get more good photos and assign some more jocular (read affectionately abusive) nicknames.  

To conclude the first segment, here are a couple of great photo's we've not yet had an excuse to post:

Chris and Alastair at the head of a pack of cyclists
All aboard the Mairs-Heggie express to Ontario, Oregon

A line of sight-clists
A line of sight-clists